Friday, April 20, 2007

Mixed Messages - Finis

Here it is. This piece is the second in a series tentatively titled "Post Mortem."
When the series is complete I will be hanging the work at a cafe in Queen Anne called Holly's.
Any feedback would be appreciated.


cutie-mostie said...

I think your most recent work: "mixed messages" is hot! It's really cool how you were able to express so many intense emotions with just skulls. They are inanimate objects, and yet I can really feel alot from both of them. I am very interested to see the next installment of "postmortem".

kevin said...

lighten the lights.
darken the darks.

haha no but seriously, i think darkening the cast shadow below the skulls would help them pop. the table top seems kind of flat and the skulls dont seem to be placed. it could be me, seeing the piece over the internet never does it justice. also i really like the loose outline around the clouds.

Rob Kmiec said...

Thanks for the comments . . . keep 'em coming - good stuff!

kate said...

another story of the age old story of man/woman--the ultimate battle! gotta love it!