Monday, June 18, 2007

Gage Academy Student Show

This past Friday I went to the Gage Academy Student Exhibition with Seattle celebrity and art model extrodinaire Pigeon as well as my two illustrious colleagues Alecia Rossano and Peter Moerhle. Gage's philosophy of art education is based on the classic atelier system which had it's heyday in France during the 1800's before it was usurped by Impressionism. The atelier system never quite died; pockets of this educational system remain and are firmly entrenched, especially here in Seattle.

Top: Pigeon and her portrait painted by Josh Lawrence - a student in Juliet Aristides Atelier
Left to Right: Alecia Rossano, sculptress and DigiPen professor with her most recent sculpture in progress;
Pigeon with a drawing she posed for; Alecia and Peter Moerhle - former Disney background painter and DigiPen professor.
Check out Peter's work at . . .

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