Monday, October 15, 2007

Still Film

I was recently cast by one of my students to act in a "still" film. My role was that of a strict, no nonsense disciplinarian professor . . . can you say typecast! I've included a couple of stills from the film for your viewing pleasure.


Aleks said...

Christ guy, grooming is a concept far beyond you, huh?

Rob Kmiec said...

Exactly! Christ is the look I'm goin' for.

murph said...

haha ahhh kmiec... you comming back to visit any time soon?

jon dafonte said...

Hey Rob, neat blog, you seem like a pretty down to earth teacher. I got an email from someone from admissions at DigiPen about you being in Boston for the PVA college fair next Tuesday. I live pretty much at the bottom of Massachusetts and was wondering what I could be expecting if I went, not to be rude, but a five minute talk and a pamphlet for more than a one hour drive would seem kind of out of the way of my schedule. Hopefully you'll see this comment before Tuesday :) Thanks.

Rob Kmiec said...

I would certainly provide more than a 5 minute talk and a pamphlet if you were to drive all that way :)

I guess it all depends upon how serious you are about DigiPen and what you already know. If you have a good idea and it seems like the right fit for you then you may not need to drive all that way.

However, if you aren't sure and you want to see more student work and get more information and get a critique of your own work then come out for it and bring your portfolio.

If you decide not to come out but would like more info then feel free to contact me at and we can see if this is the right place for you.

Good luck!

Stephanie said...

LOL. Love it!