Friday, June 6, 2008

The Art of Kevin Hebb

Kevin Hebb is a pop artist, designer and creator of strange birdhouses. He draws from his childhood experiences in suburbia and synthesizes them with his recent urban explorations. His birdhouse constructions clearly convey the essence of these combined experiences. The birdhouse is a representation of home, innocence, serenity and charm (everything his suburban upbringing represented) which is then morphed through the use of an urban language of texture, decay, graffiti, borrowed imagery, symbols, slogans and found objects. It's Pop Art and it's nothing new but it's his and he has a whole career ahead of him. He was also my student. I still have a few things to teach him and I'm sure he's got a lesson or two for me.

Check out his work . . .


kate said...

mr. hebb! "creator of strange birdhouses" :)love it. very cool piece, full of stuff, nice composition. hope all is well with you...long time...kate (ms.b)

Kevin said...

Damn, I appreciate the words/promotion.
I still this a collaboration should happen.
Cough AOTK cough, cough.

Kate! Email me. We should catch up.

Kevin Hebb said...
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Kevin said...

Wow... CM i guess.