Monday, January 5, 2009

Studio Tour

Here's a stitched up image of the new studio Eric and I are sharing. The space is much larger than the closet we shared before and even has a slop sink - yay! The studio is located at the OK Hotel. It's the same location as the gallery we co-curate so it inevitably acts as a storage space for the exhibiting artists.

The OK Hotel has a pretty significant cultural history for the role it played in the Seattle "Grunge" Scene. At one point the hotel had a stage, bar and a cafe and it was the first place Nirvana performed "Smells Like Teen Spirit." You can watch the gig on You Tube. Many important grunge bands played the hotel including Pearl Jam. I was informed that they recorded a music video there but I'm not sure of the song. Parts of the movie "Singles" were filmed there as well. I think I'll rent it and see. Whooopeee!

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