Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monkey on my back

While I was visiting with my folks this past Winter I came across an old painting I did entitled "Monkey on my back." It's essentially an illustration on various types of addictions. It's roughly a 4' x 3' Masonite panel done in charcoal, Conte crayon, colored pencil, ink, gesso, gold paint, collage, acrylic, oil, egg tempera, kitchen sink etc. - a true Mixed Media!!

It was exhibited at an arts festival back east and I overheard two people commenting on it.

The first said, "This isn't art!"

The second person said "This painting looks like how I feel when my wife asks me to mow the lawn!"

I think I like the second comment better!


Anonymous said...

Rob, it's Amazing, noting has changed. Well could you draw in Lady GaGa, for a old man?

Alexander said...

I love that painting Monkey on my Back