Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work in Progress

Here's an update on "Heart-Breaker."

Adding color, thinking story, atmosphere and mood. Getting great feedback via Facebook and have applied some of it in this. Thanks everyone!

Going to put it aside for a bit and get to making s
ome art for Xmas gifts. I'll revisit it in January and try to put it to bed. Some things to address: Need to make sure her face is the first "read" in the image hierarchy. I want to use the LED lights to bounce you around the figure, out to the landscape and back ultimately. Some good crit included bouncing the warm, earth-tones into the armor to create more volume and make the rim-light on the figure match the material. I think I'd like to potentially add some other background elements. Need to thumbnail it back out and see. Anyway, enjoy!

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