Friday, May 24, 2013

"Angst Ridden Bullshit"

My "Post Mortem" series has always been about me dealing with the trials of my past relationships. As part of my process, I typically start with stream-of-conscious writing.  The words, rants, poems, song lyrics, doodles etc. never last long as they typically get covered in layers of some medium.  However, they're important in setting the tone of the work, exorcising some demons and creating some texture.  

So, someone requested if I'd share some of my "Angst Ridden Bullshit." I'll start with these two and try and find some others. Much of what's written is my own but, occasionally, something  from the poet Charles Bukowski or lyrics written by Kevin Baker from the Hope Conspiracy make it in.

Anyway, enjoy or not.

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