Thursday, February 8, 2007

Journal Entry: Dec. 17, 2006

I came across this one today and thought I would share. It's an older entry but I like this one. I like how far away it seems even though it was less than a couple of months ago . . .

Dec. 17, 9:40 L.A.X
I just bought a pen. I can't remember the last time I bought a pen. I spent four bucks . . . on a pen. Also, I did something I don't think I've done in quite a long time . . . I ate alone. I ate in a Chilis. Yeah, I know but I'm in an airport and I've got four hours to kill. Elvis x-mas songs seem to be the artist and music of choice at both SeaTac and L.A.X. and after four hours, I know these songs by heart. I wouldn't have four hours to kill if I didn't screw up so badly this morning. I should have been in Boston hours ago but I slept through my alarm, missed my flight, dog ate my homework. I brought the pen I bought into the airport men's room to wash off the sticky price tag residue. You can imagine the looks I got in there. Who washes a pen in an airport, men's room sink?

Back to Chilis . . . I ate a turkey sandwich and read Bill Bryson's new book "The Thunderbolt Kid." It felt okay to eat alone. I thought it was going to be tough but I just sat, read and ate, absorbed in the book. The hostess kind of put all of us "dine aloners" in one section. The waitress let me stay there for quite a long time undisturbed. She wasn't ignoring me. She probably knew that I had plenty of time to kill.

Got alot of reading done. Bryson is good, lighthearted reading - perfect for everything that's been happening regarding "her." I am enjoying this solitude a little more than I expected. I get to be with my thoughts, good and bad. I get to observe people and have experiences that are mine and I think it helps that I have a goal, or destination in this case. It keeps me focused. I am alone but I am around people. I think that helps too.

The worst is being alone in my apartment in the "sticks" of Redmond, Washington. There is nothing to walk to or explore. It's conducive to running, if you don't mind the occasional black bear, but I really grew to love walking up and down Broadway in Seattle. There you can be alone without being alone. People here are friendlier and my east coast edge is softening. It's easier to communicate with strangers here. I'm gaining more confidence in myself and not feeling as tongue tied or self-conscience. We'll see what happens when I get back home . . . . more later.

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Murph said...

I had a similar experience at Boise, but I was wicked early, not late. Though I wasn't eating alone, it kind of felt like it. Traveling cross-country kind of sucks, but it's cool to see how different east and west are. Good to see you're getting used to the new digs.