Saturday, February 10, 2007

Triple Decker

I've decided to include some poetry that I've recently written . . . you may need a little vocabulary lesson though.

Dot - the affectionate slang for a section of Boston known as Dorchester - where I grew up.

Triple Decker - a three story apartment building with each floor being one apartment.

Well, here it is.

Triple Decker

There is a triple-decker
In Dot
That I want to raze
To the ground
And free all of the ghosts
Caught up in the rafters
And in between the floorboards

If I could I would
Tear it down with my own hands
Brick by brick
Board by board and
Let loose all of the memories
Trapped in that
Three tiered

1 comment:

Murph said...

I learned the meaning of "Triple Decker" with Mr. Chisolm some time sophomore year maybe at CM when we were going through "Dot", heh.